13th October 2021

Upholstery Foundation Level Five

Ottoman Box Starting with just the wooden panels, in these 25 classes you will learn how to make an ottoman box that is fully lined on […]
5th March 2021

Make Your Own Chaise Longue

Welcome to this exclusive Vintage Module … and a younger looking Mark! This was our very first teaching video which was filmed in 2009.  This module […]
20th July 2020

Upholstery Foundation Level Four

Traditional Dining Chair with Sprung Seat From stripping down the chair to tying in the double cone springs to applying the final fabric and braid – […]
2nd September 2019

Tips & Tricks

You will learn some tips and tricks of the trade in this set of videos. This library is a useful resource to dip into. You will […]
20th July 2019


This library introduces you to different stuffings, hessian and types of webbing that you will be using. The sample lesson is all about hessian – click […]
20th July 2019


You will learn about upholstery tools in this section of the library. For example, how to use your web strainer, how to use your bayonet needle […]
20th July 2019

Upholstery Foundation Level Three

Deep Buttoned Headboard From making the headboard frame to deep buttoning to hanging the headboard on your wall – it is all included in this set […]
20th June 2019

Upholstery Foundation Level Two

Traditional & Modern Footstools Learn some more advanced traditional and modern upholstery techniques, including traditional stuffing and stitching. In this set of 8 videos, you will […]
20th May 2019

Upholstery Foundation Level One

Traditional & Modern Drop In Seats – Rectangular & Oval Pull Over Seats – Rectangular & Oval Capped On Seats – Using Serpentine Springs Start here […]